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Server Rules

⛔ MuExc Season 6 Official Rules - International Dedicated Server*

⚠️ Remember for a good game and adventure within the game, always respect the rules. If you deviate from these rules, you will receive a penalty, in some cases the punishment may be indefinite, it is up to you to want to participate in a good way within the Server⚠️

📌 It is NOT allowed to insult and poison server administrators and employees. -

📌 It is NOT allowed to tamper with the client, or use extra programs called "hacks" and others.

📌 Trading with real money in the game is the responsibility of the player.

📌 Intoxications and insults are NOT allowed on our official social networks.

📌 Spam from other servers or communities is prohibited.

📌 A person who exploits a bug and does not report it in time will be banned indefinitely. If the whole clan finds a bug and doesn't report it via discord ticket, the whole clan will be banned.

*How is it reported or reported? 👀 *

*📩To report or make a complaint, you must open a ticket via Discord, in the "Ticket" channel, once you send it, the team will have up to 24 hours to resolve your ticket.⏰ *

*⚠️NO report or complaint will be accepted privately to server administrators or employees, if they do, they will be completely ignored. The only way to report or report is via ticket!⚠️

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